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Anti-Keylogging - EntryProtect

Anti-Keylogging - EntryProtect

At SentryBay we have over ten years development experience in this area, having filed our initial patent application protecting against keylogging malware in 2002, and our first US patent granted in 2012.

EntryProtect for PC

Includes multiple layers of protection combatting attacks in all the threat vectors found in the Windows operating system. This includes patented techniques which prevent keystrokes being uplifted at kernel level, userland level and windows level of the OS. The technology does not need to identify malware in order to protect against it. The solution protects against data capture at all potentially vulnerable areas so that malware collects no data – or fake random data "fed" to it – and not the real data. This technology is deployed within a range of SentryBay products, but can also be licensed to be embedded within third party PC or web-based applications – protecting data entry into those applications. Leading InfoSec companies as well as banks, insurance companies and telcos use this technology. More details here

EntryProtect for Mobile Applications

This technology has been adapted for mobile through the provision of a secure keypad with associated secure communication channel protocols for interaction with the internet and host applications.

For more details see EntryProtect for Mobile

Anti-Phishing - PhishLock for Cloud, Mobile and PC

Anti-Phishing - PhishLock for Cloud, Mobile and PC

Operates in real-time by analyzing web pages and comparing them to "fingerprints" of key enterprise login pages that are targeted in phishing attacks.

Companies that are common targets of phishing attacks have their targeted web pages trained (analysing tokens and images of each page) to form a training database. Each web page loaded is then analysed with proprietary algorithms and scoring mechanisms to provide accurate determinations of phishing attacks – with low false positive rates. This technology allows SentryBay to identify a phishing attack from the moment an end user attempts to load the page. As phishing web pages only exist for a couple of hours on average – this real time approach is critical to provide fast and accurate protection to enterprises and their users. The technology is also augmented with multiple black lists, also updated constantly by SentryBay.

SentryBay’s anti-phishing technology "PhishLock" had its US patent granted in 2014. This technology is deployed within a number of our products, plus it can be provided as an engine or feed to threat intelligence providers. This technology is used by key banking and enterprise security providers such as Checkpoint and Gemalto.

Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies

SentryBay has released numerous different mobile solutions which have been deployed by companies such as Barclays, AOL and Affinion.


Malware has exploded on mobile devices in the last 12 months. However providing an effective solution to this threat requires a different approach to PC. Our solution protects the data integrity without needing to identify malware. The technology involves a secure keypad, encryption of secure channel between keyboard and app, no key caching, anti-tap jacking, anti-screen capture etc.

Individual File Encryption - Cloud

SentryBay have developed a system for securing individual files and individual items of sensitive data within the cloud. Each piece of data is individually encrypted/uploaded and can be downloaded/decrypted and accessed securely from any smart device. This can be deployed as a native app or as a pure HTML5 solution.

For more information See E-Vault

Road Map Areas

SentryBay is bringing relevant and effective security to these key areas.

  • Internet of Things
  • Wearable technologies
  • Keystroke and additional analytics
  • Anti-Masquerading protection
Secure Browsing

Secure Browsing

For PC

SentryBay have developed the most advanced browser­based software application for securely accessing web services and conducting transactions. Our Armored Browser technology is used by partners servicing some of the world's leading financial institutions.

This solution knits together a unique mix of technologies to create a secure environment for connecting and transacting via the web. In effect it creates an isolated, protected environment in which malware cannot run/intercept/interfere with the user connection to the web service. Its mixture of the dynamic creation of a separate one­time user, separate desktop session, embedded anti­keylogging, leave­no­trace operation and locked-down, point­to­point browser provides the sort of software­based security long desired by leading financial institutions and security­conscious enterprises.

For more information click here

For Mobile

SentryBay have developed browsers for Android and IOS which incorporate a range of technologies that provide more secure connections to the internet. These solutions are used by both consumer solutions and ebanking providers to protect and transact more securely from mobile devices. Many of these technologies can also be embedded as components within third party apps via a SDK.

Additional Features include:

  • Anti-Phishing (via cloud-based PhishLock service)
  • Content filtering/Parental Controls
  • Browsing security elements (e.g. certificate pinning, screen capture protection, data encryption)

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