BankSAFE From SentryBay

Introducing the World’s Most Advanced Endpoint Data Protection to Protect Your Customers When Using Online Banking – Are You FFIEC Compliant?

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BankSAFE From SentryBay

Armored endpoint data protection is essential for overcoming security gaps in both banking technology and user behavior. The ever-increasing demand for such protection has made BankSAFE from SentryBay a trusted solution to some of the world’s largest financial enterprises – from Credit Suisse to Mitsubishi Bank to the Federal Reserve.

The same enterprise security used by leading global banks to protect their employees is now available for your online banking customers. BankSAFE meets FFIEC regulations to provide layered armored security and browser protection with no customer configuration required.


With cybercriminals using AI to boost ransomware, email phishing scams, keystroke logging and screen capture, banks must also use AI to shield against AI-driven attacks. With a light footprint, BankSAFE delivers AI-powered real-time visual security with each keystroke being scrambled, disabling the latest AI phishing technologies, incorporating Anti-Ransomware protection and illegal screen capture. FFIEC regulations (updated 2021) state banks must protect their consumers when using online banking. This includes shielding against browser threats. 


Prevents Card-Not-Present fraud as well as online-banking fraud and identity-based fraud.

Prevents ransomware attacks that attempt to lock up personal resources.

Simple to deploy in two clicks from online banking website, works with default browser.

FFIEC: All Banks Must Protect Their Consumers When Using Online Banking 

All banks and Credit Unions must do the due diligence to ensure they are FFIEC compliant. BankSAFE, which meets banking security compliance, including the FFIEC regulations updated in 2021, has been widely deployed by global bank and insurance companies under license as part of the security suites they offer to customers. 

One of the main benefits, alongside the broad protection that the solution offers, is that it is easy to deploy and will work in tandem with other endpoint security and with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). 


BankSAFE delivers peace of mind to financial institutions by deploying a protective shield for customers. Unlike other online banking and financial fraud prevention packages, it is highly affordable and protected by patents. BankSAFE works alongside the default browser on a user’s computer to provide proactive anti-keylogging, screen capture and anti-phishing protection.  Online banking customers will also benefit from sophisticated anti-ransomware protection, allowing them to make use of online financial services with confidence.


BankSAFE works by stopping attackers from picking up key entries and taking screenshots of your browser pages – therefore protecting your personal and financial information. Also stops users visiting fraudulent websites plus prevents the encryption of files.


Some banks still use legacy data protection solutions to meet the 2005 FFIEC regulations, stating banks must protect their consumers when using online banking. However, regulations were updated in 2021. Only BankSAFE delivers the layered approach to security, safeguarding against browser threats.

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