Providing a protective shield to endpoint users when they access online banking services. Available as a downloadable application to directly offer to customers.

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Ransomware attackers are specifically focusing on the finance sector. In 2021, a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, up from every 14 seconds in 2019.

Cybersecurity Ventures, 2020


Providing a protective shield to endpoint users when they access online banking services, BankSafe is available as a downloadable application for banks and credit unions to directly offer to customers.

Also applicable for the online retail industry, BankSafe is based on SentryBay’s lightweight, easily deployable Data Protection Suite, and meets the banking compliance requirements of the FFIEC for layered browser security.

With the technology already available to millions of users of banks, insurance companies, corporates, retailers and global enterprises, BankSafe is unique amongst online banking and financial fraud prevention products and has proven to be effective in preventing identity-theft based and card-not-present (CNP) fraud. It uses SentryBay’s patented technology to combat the very latest threats without the need to identify them first.


Prevents Card-Not-Present fraud as well as online-banking fraud and identity-based fraud.

Prevents ransomware attacks that attempt to lock up personal resources.

Simple to deploy in two clicks from online banking website, works with default browser.

Working in tandem with the default browser, BankSafe targets keylogging, screen capture and phishing attempts, ransomware attacks and even zero-day threats.  

For banking organisations BankSafe allows customers to be protected not just against known malware but undetected malware too, ensuring that personal financial transactions are future-proofed against breaches.

Among the many benefits, BankSafe delivers:

• Protection for ALL online banking websites and portals

• Protection for ALL eCommerce sites where bank cards and associated personal and financial information is entered

• Easy 3-click installation with no need for user configuration

• Security for ALL data entry, even from the latest undetected malware

• Operates alongside ALL endpoint security software


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