Armored Client

The missing piece in the security stack jigsaw, easily downloaded in one-click to complete your armored shield against cyberattacks.

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WFH and BYOPC are not going anywhere – 55% of employers will transition into a new era of remote and part-office working in 2021.

Hays Survey, 2020

Armored Client

The Armored Client provides real time patented protection to applications and data without needing to detect and respond to threats. It does this by using kernel level prevention of data exfiltration, even if threats exist, combined with the secure wrapping of applications and injected security.

The Armored Client takes a layered approach to protecting endpoint devices being used remotely to access your applications and data and to support secure online browsing. Whether your employees are using unmanaged, BYOD or managed endpoint devices, all your corporate apps are targeted on the endpoint and run in a secure session.


Meets infosec and compliance requirements for data, risk and endpoint management - PCI, FFIEC, HIPAA, GDPR etc.

Easily enables remote working - simple to centrally configure, distribute, manage and support software (and can be bundled with other apps)

Works alongside, and crucially plugs key gaps in, all other security software and solutions, including VDI, AV, EDR and VPN.

It could not be simpler to centrally configure, distribute, manage and support Armored Client, giving you the reassurance of instant protection from cyber attacks across your unmanaged enterprise environment and for your third-party suppliers.  

As well as helping you to meet your key compliance requirements, you benefit from a tangible CAPEX saving if you have implemented remote working, BYOD and BYOPC policies or wish to use the Armored Client to enable such policies.

And don’t worry about compatibility with existing infrastructure and security products, Armored Browser provides complementary protection alongside standard VDI, EDR, VPN and anti-virus solutions.

The Armored Client Portal provides you with web-based administration, configuration and deployment and allows you to create feature groups for easy management. Configurations can be applied in order to wrap and inject SentryBay security into selected applications within each user group and these will be dynamically updated.


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