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Armored Client for Citrix

The Armored Client for Citrix securely wraps the Citrix receiver - providing key endpoint and browser security for connections to XenDesktop and XenApp installations. The solution overcomes existing security threats such as keylogging, screen capture/session videoing, browser vulnerabilities, DNS poisoning and session hijacking.

The Armored Client is extremely cost effective and allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy corporate Citrix desktops and applications to any managed and unmanaged PC without concerns. The solution protects the entire Citrix session from logon authentication to closing down. Once the armoured Citrix session is closed down, no traces of that session footprint remain on the endpoint device.

The Armored Client uses patented technology which stands up to scrutiny. This reassures regulatory compliance officers that by allowing non-managed PC s to be used remotely to access Citrix, the company still meets with any industry governance criteria.

The Armored Client for Citrix is available through our distributor PhireServe. A product data sheet is available here

Data Protection Suite (DPS).

The Data Protection Suite secures all personal and financial information entered into a web browser, proactively protecting users from malware and phishing attacks. The DPS protects all social networking, online banking, e-commerce and general browsing. It is designed to work alongside other security solutions such as anti-virus and security suites – providing the essential first line of defense against new and unknown malware.

For banks, this solution uniquely addresses both online banking fraud and Card-Not-Present fraud – thus providing a greater ROI for financial institutions. The anti-keylogging and anti-phishing technologies protect a user on any website – not only the bank website. This means transactions using debit/credit cards on e-commerce sites (or auction or other sites like PayPal) are also protected...

Armored Browser.

The Armored Browser is the premier browser-based solution designed for corporate and retail banking.It creates numerous privilege boundaries and containerisation in order to maximise security – without compromising usability. The product also includes SentryBay’s patented EntryProtect anti-keylogging technology.

The Armored Browser requires no integration at the bank or enterprise back-end so can be deployed quickly. It can however interact with any legacy systems (e.g. OTP/hard tokens) if desired. The application can be branded to the institution including dedicated tabs for example directing to the desired banking services.

Features Include:

For enterprises, the solution provides a secure connection to – and operation with - web-based services for internal and remote users.

EntryProtect Anti-Key Logging.

EntryProtect is the world's leading anti-key logging technology. It is specifically designed to be integrated with third party software applications to make them "keylogger-proof". It can be embedded into PC-based, smart-card based or flash-disk based applications. The technology is patent-protected to SentryBay

EntryProtect provides protection at multiple layers of a Windows operating system - from kernel level through to windows level - protecting all areas where malware may attempt to uplift data. Malware receives either no data - or false data "fed" to it by EntryProtect.

The technology does not need to identify malware to be effective, it protects data entry at all times. It can be configured to protect various applications – from standard enterprise apps to VPN clients to browsers or even operating systems.

SentryBay now have a version of EntryProtect designed to protect mobile devices and mobile apps which can work across Android and IOS.

PhishLock Anti-Phishing.

Phishing is an increasingly pervasive threat that leads to unauthorized access, malware infection and serious data breaches. SentryBay’s unique system of "fingerprinting" major brands targeted by cybercriminals provides true real-time protection against phishing attacks. The blending of multiple blacklists into the feed results in global protection against phishing. False positive filtering mechanisms utilised by SentryBay, including manual investigation, help ensure the ongoing accuracy and integrity of the protection.

This technology can be deployed as a cloud-based solution or feed and used to protect mobile/endpoint or on the gateway.

Data Monitoring Service (DMS).

Our Data Monitoring Service continually scours the web for sensitive information a user cares about – financial information such as credit cards/bank accounts, personal information like passport details/SSN/NI numbers and contact information such as emails/phone numbers.

The techniques the DMS uses to identify, analyse and filter this data are advanced – meaning the service provides a true reflection of a user’s digital identity.

Mobile Solutions.

SentryBay have created a number of mobile solutions and technologies that can be marketed as a stand-alone solution - or bundled with complementary solutions via a SDK.

Mobile solutions include:

1. Mobile Secure Browser (Armored Browser for Mobile). This includes SentryBay’s PhishLock technology and other data protection mechanisms such as screen capture. Components of this solution can be deployed to banks (for example) via a SDK.

2. EntryProtect Secure Keyboard/Data Entry System. This technology involves the creation of secure communication channels for mobile data, a locked-down secure keypad and a number of other data protection mechanisms.

3. E-Vault – cloud repository for individually encrypted files and data that can be securely accessed from any device (see E-Vault product section for more details)

4. Other features including content filtering/parental controls/remote lock/wipe.


The E-Vault is set of security applications across all devices (including mobile and tablet) that provide individually encrypted cloud-based storage of important documents, files, records and information.

This can include the users important personal information such as passport, driving license, insurance and ownership documents as well as user names/passwords for all a user’s important web services...


IoTsecure - for secure management of an IoT command console

SentryBay have developed IoTsecure to ensure the security of all IoT user entries, such as credentials and other sensitive data. This prevents the unauthorised hi-jacking of an IoT device at the most vulnerable point – the endpoint.

OWASP have identified the 10 greatest vulnerabilities of the IoT ecosystem – and IoTsecure addresses 5 of these 10 vulnerabilities.

IoTsecure (for Command Consoles accessed via a mobile device)

IoTsecure is an application that installs on a mobile device which creates a secure framework to open the IoT cloud webpage/command console and contains it’s own built-in secure keypad:

IoTsecure has the user experience of a dedicated, local, native application. A secure keypad is built into the application, so it does not need to use the default system-wide keypad. No keys are transmitted in clear text. The IoTsecure application has the following features:

IoTsecure is also available as a SDK which developers can use to incorporate the features into their own IoT mobile-based application for accessing the command console. The core technology is patent pending to SentryBay.

IoTsecure (for Command Consoles accessed via a PC)

IoTsecure for PC’s is an application which incorporates its own locked down browser and opens the IoT cloud webpage/command console and contains several features to protect IoT data entry and transmission. The application has the following features:

Protection against key logging at kernel level and all other areas of a Windows environment

IoTsecure is also available as a SDK which developers can use to incorporate the features into their own IoT PC application.

The technology incorporated in IoTsecure is patented to SentryBay.

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