SentryBay's solutions have been designed with partnering in mind...

Through relationships with existing SentryBay partners, our patented technologies are made available to companies that care about security such as leading IT security companies and financial institutions.

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OEM/Technology Partnerships

SentryBay’s solutions can be effectively integrated into mobile, PC, USB flash drive and cloud applications. This results in greater embedded security for these applications and platforms.

The key technologies in our anti-key logging and anti-phishing solutions are patented to SentryBay. Approved software vendors can license these technologies (and others) to integrate or package with their solutions.

Embedding SentryBay’s technology:

Vendors are provided with a SDK providing the files and full instruction for integrating the software libraries/solutions. For further information, including demos and white papers, contact


SentryBay’s solutions have been designed to be white-labelled as well as combined with other products and services to form solution suites. We work with prominent solution service providers to deploy our solutions to financial institutions, ISP's, insurance companies enterprises globally, particularly in north America, south America and Europe.


SentryBay provide a full range of marketing and technical collateral needed to support our product range including:

  1. Data Sheets
  2. Product Presentations
  3. Product demonstrations/samples/SDK's
  4. Functional Specifications/White Papers

Current Partners*

*For a number of customers we are not permitted to display their logos as the security provided is confidential. These customers include a leading central bank, one of the big three credit card providers, a leading European telco and major banks in the UK and Europe.

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