SentryBay releases Armored Client for Linux

February 4, 2021
In order to provide common protection for threats across various platforms, SentryBay have launched the Linux Armored Client for Citrix. Linux now joins Windows and iOS as SentryBay-protected platforms surrounding Citrix product deployments.

This development further enhances the successful relationship between SentryBay and Citrix.

The software brings anti-keylogging and anti-screen capture protection to the Linux environment, thus increasing security to levels experienced by Windows and MacOS users of Citrix.

This new product is supported across four distributions of Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, and Centos. In addition two desktop managers are supported – Gnome and KDE.

CEO and Founder Dave Waterson said “We are thrilled to announce to our banking and enterprise Linux users that they can now enjoy enhanced security levels previously only experienced by our Windows and Mac customers. Both internal and BYOD Linux sessions can now be far better protected.”

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