SentryBay develops aggregated dark web platform to enhance credential and domain monitoring

August 22, 2019
SentryBay have expanded their data monitoring capability by developing an aggregated dark web platform. Data feeds from multiple global sources are combined to enhance the company’s credential and domain monitoring offerings.

This threat intelligence combines with the organization’s successful software technology to produce market-leading next-generation cyber security solutions.

Many users tend to use the same login credentials at multiple online accounts. Attackers who steal credentials in data breaches, use these credentials on other sites in what is known as credential stuffing attacks. These attacks have now become such a major security threat, that their activity represents a significant proportion of total online account login activity – in some industries, up to 90% of online login activity is from credential stuffing attacks. SentryBay’s new aggregated dark web platform will immediately identify risks by highlighting credentials which have been previously stolen.

The new service also protects against password spraying attacks where attackers attempt to login using commonly-used passwords.

SentryBay CEO and founder Dave Waterson, said: “We have been monitoring the internet on behalf of clients in Europe and the US, for many years, looking for occurrences of their sensitive data. We are now expanding these services with credential and domain monitoring, in order to check the security when users login to protected sites. These services enhance our software offerings and improve customer security.”

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