Case Study: North American insurance company implements cost-saving BYoD approach following Armored Client implementation

November 15, 2021

Customer: American insurance company

Location: North America

“Our large, and growing network of agents needed access to our corporate network, but we thought the only way to protect them, and the customer financial data they were handling, was by purchasing locked-down laptops. The cost of this was becoming prohibitive, until we started working with SentryBay.”

The Challenge

With tens of thousands of independent agents working remotely, and more being trained and added to the team each month, the insurance company was investing heavily in secure corporate locked-down laptops.

These enabled the agents to securely protect credit and debit card information submitted by online customers and meet with the scrutiny of PCI DSS regulations.

The company wanted to find a way to lower its spend on new devices, which were costing approximately $1000 each, while ensuring security and crucially, meeting compliance.

The Solution

The organisation adopted a BYoD strategy for its extensive team of agents to tackle the cost issue. It deployed a VDI system alongsideAzure Cloud, however in doing this, it opened itself up to compliance risk on the endpoint. To solve this, SentryBay’s Armored Client was deployed to secure the VDI client and meet the requirements of PCI DSS regulations.

The Armored Client was installed quickly and easily through the SentryBay portal using the ‘single sign-on’ function. Ensuring agents downloaded the software was achieved through a device certificate process as theVDI sessions were launched, which provided demonstrable evidence of compliance with PCI.

The Outcome

Deploying the Armored Client software to multiple endpoints was carried out with ease, transforming an unmanaged network of devices into secure endpoints that could interact with the corporate network without risk.

The insurance company dramatically reduced its CAPEX – and the overheads of managing corporate devices - by adopting a BYoD strategy and that was only possible because the Armored Client can be downloaded in one-click to create an armored shield on any unmanaged device.

As well as meeting internal infosec requirements, SentryBay helped the company to meet its obligations to PCI DSS and could be confident that customer data is fully protected moving forward.


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