Case Study: International bank secures remote employees, ensures compliancy & cuts capital expenditure costs with SentryBay

November 10, 2021

Customer: Global investment bank & financial services firm

Location: Global

“Armored Client provides customised security to ensure we are compliant by protecting our remote workers from keylogging and screencapture attacks.”

The Challenge

The bank’s existing security solution, designed to protect thousands of globally distributed workers accessing its corporate network, failed to meet the necessary financial compliance regulations.

The organisation needed software that filled the security gap, was easy to deploy and manage, and developed with compliancy built-in.

Against a backdrop of growing BYOD usage, the bank had to cut the escalating costs of deploying – and managing - corporate laptops to employees.

The Solution

SentryBay Armored Client replaced the previous solution which did not meet infosec and audit standards and was causing high amounts of support calls.  The solution brought a highly customised security profile to an initial 7,000 remote endpoints, which has now grown to around 20,000, helping deliver full compliance with the necessary global financial authorities.

The Outcome

Seamless deployment of Armored Client brought rapid protection for remote employees globally.

The bank saved substantial capital expenditure costs by no longer funding new corporate laptops to ensure secure connections. A BYoD model can now be more fully embraced across the company.

Patented protection at the kernel level against keylogging and screen capture, ensures endpoints are fully compliant with financial regulations.

The earmarked deployment of the Armored Client to a further 10,000-20,000 endpoints over the next 2 years is testament to the success and efficacy of the solution since it was originally deployed four years ago.


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