BYOD is the Single Biggest Security Threat to Companies Unless They Adopt Zero Trust, says SentryBay CEO

February 14, 2022

London, UK February 14 2022 - Against the backdrop of rapid growth in the global Bring-Your-Own-Device market propelled by remote and hybrid working, SentryBay CEO, Dave Waterson has warned that companies are opening themselves up to unprecedented risk because they are failing to implement zero trust.

Deterred by the perceived barriers to adoption, decision makers are enabling malware and cyber-attacks to flourish, creating a vicious circle that has the potential to strangle enterprise and SME businesses.

“We are seeing a perfect storm brewing,” said Dave Waterson. “Companies are moving to BYOD in order to lower capital expenditure but failing to establish true zero trust models that will eliminate the security breaches that lead to serious financial, operational and reputational damage.”

BYOD and BYOPC has grown in popularity in the last two years, with businesses increasingly relying on employees to use personal mobiles, tablets, laptops and home PCs to access corporate applications and networks. Unless these ‘endpoints’ are secured, they present a gateway to cyber attackers through which they can get to sensitive data.

The single most effective deterrent is to implement zero trust. However, organisations face resource challenges, a lack of support at board-level, concerns regarding the integration of security solutions, and worries about the cost. A recent Twitter poll carried out by SentryBay found that only 33.6% of companies had implemented zero trust.

“Many of these challenges are easily overcome with security solutions that are designed specifically to protect key business applications and data, including SentryBay’s Armored Client,” said Waterson. “This means that they are fit-for-purpose in any remote or hybrid environment and instead of being a burden on the company, they support its operational requirements, are simple to deploy and are compatible with other software.”

SentryBay has just published a whitepaper, ‘Prioritise Security to SuccessfullyDeliver BYOD in a Zero Trust Framework’, which advocates a holistic approach to zero trust in which verification is demanded of all users and all devices.

The whitepaper, which is free to download, aims to provide companies with a guide to implementing BYOD safely as part of a broader zero trust approach. It debunks some of the myths surrounding zero trust, explains how to manage complexity, and stresses the importance of an elevated security posture in hybrid working environments.

SentryBay’s Armored Client creates a confined environment within which business applications can run, includingVDI clients, thin clients, DaaS, VPN clients, browsers and enterprise/SaaS applications.  All data entered into the application at the endpoint is automatically protected without any need to identify the threat.

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