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SentryBay signs global OEM deal with Gemalto.

Real-time data security software company, SentryBay, have signed a long term OEM agreement with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security. The agreement centres on the utilisation of SentryBay’s secure browsing technology and solutions and includes key aspects of SentryBay’s patented anti-keylogging as well as patent-pending anti-phishing technologies. These products are to be rolled out within the Gemalto eBanking and eCommerce division and also made available to other Gemalto divisions.

SentryBay’s solutions, which include applications for tablets and mobiles, are to be integrated with a range of Gemalto banking solutions, including those run on smart-card enabled USB devices. SentryBay’s software-only banking solutions, the Armored Browser and Data Protection Suite (browser plug-in), will also be made available for distribution by Gemalto globally.

The two companies believe that a dedicated, locked-down browser that connects and strongly authenticates both the connection and user is essential to secure bank and other web-based transactions. This solution includes a myriad of security elements that can combat even the most persistent low-level malware and MITM and MITB attacks. It is the most sophisticated secure browsing solution available in the world today, combining its strong security with a slick user experience that can cope with a full array of online-banking platforms and banking applications.

Because this system can then be utilized across multiple platforms - and optionally deployed as software-only or combined with hardware devices – means a full array of options is available for corporate and retail banking. These solutions can also be effectively applied to e-government, e-commerce, healthcare and general enterprise – wherever distributed users need to securely communicate, transmit data or undertake transactions on the web.

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