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SentryBay Launches Anti-keylogging Solution for Mobile Devices.

SentryBay can announce today that it has successfully developed technology to combat the ever growing threat of keylogging on mobile devices.

This technology involves a number of related components including a dedicated secure keyboard, screen capture protection, encryption of keystrokes, generation of fake random characters plus the creation of a new software class for entry fields. This unique combination of elements provides a comprehensive, effective solution to the key logging threat on mobile devices.

This new technology follows from SentryBay’s previous success on combatting key logging on PC’s. SentryBay’s EntryProtect technology – which had a US patent awarded in 2012 – provides the most comprehensive, proactive protection against malware stealing data from PC’s. This technology is embedded in a range of SentryBay’s products - including the Data Protection Suite and Armored Browser - which are deployed to millions of devices worldwide. The technology is also licensed by key partners to bolster keylogging protection for their third party applications.

Research has shown that mobile keypad systems, including default keypads for iOS and Android, regularly cache user keypad entries and provide avenues through which keystrokes can be monitored and uplifted. Threats have been fuelled by malware now being downloaded when the user visits a malicious web page, as well as the proliferation of malware bundled with legitimate apps and the growing number of apps providing “over-generous” permissions - surplus to stated requirements of the app. With numerous attacks and proof of concepts now in evidence, mobile threats are expected to skyrocket over the next few years. There are over 1m unique malicious apps now in evidence (HP Cyber Risk Report 2015).

SentryBay’s CEO Dave Waterson says “We are pleased to announce these latest innovations. For a long time we have been a leader in PC-based anti-keylogging technology, but after years of R&D we finally feel the solution we have developed for mobile can provide the strong data entry security that app developers are looking for. This in turn forms the core technology which we believe will stand the test of time in an ever-changing threat – and mobile technology - landscape. We will continue to extend this technology and plan to integrate into our existing mobile solutions as well as licensing the technology to our partners.”

The technology is designed to be embedded into third party applications via a SDK to provide key logging protection for the host application. SentryBay executives will also be attending the RSA conference in San Francisco from 20-24 April.

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