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SentryBay Focus on IoT Data Privacy Issues

Research conducted by SentryBay shows majority of IoT devices send unauthorized data streams outside local networks. SentryBay can help enterprises and individuals identify and block unauthorized transmissions for both individuals and enterprises.

IoT devices can range from anything from lightbulbs, to fridges, to cars, to clothes. Focus is generally of preventing the leak of PII (personally identifiable information). However, our research has shown that it is very easy to collect and aggregate seemingly innocuous data from such devices - and then identify the person. And moreover, the data from sensors also identifies the person’s behaviour and that of their household/company. This allows marketing companies totarget the user and their family with generally unwanted advertising. At worst, it allows a pattern to emerge which can be used to rob, steal, or attack an individual - or cause commercial damage to an organisation. These “inference attacks” are already being undertaken and are likely to become commonplace in the near future. 

There is no effective system in place to control the data leakage from an IoT sensor via a wifi or fixed line network. SentryBay is developing systems for monitoring this traffic, allowing bona fide data transmissions (such as to the IoT device’s manufacturer or between devices in a connected network) - while not permitting data leakage to unauthorised parties (such as marketing companies or unknown entities). The user/administrator can also view or manage these connections/attempted connections, as desired. SentryBay will expand the capabilities of this system through a global network of connected devices to provide the necessary threat data - resulting in the provision of effective intelligence to protect monitored networks. 

As IoTnetworks become more established, they will also start working more autonomously, with even less human intervention. It is essential that some easy-to-use, effective controls are put in place to protect the data of individuals, households and companies. However innocuous some of this data appears, it can be easily aggregated and used for marketing uses – or malicious uses to the detriment of households and organisations. SentryBay will continue its research, solution development and collaboration with other partners in the IoT value chain to ensure data integrity and security within IoT. 

About SentryBay

SentryBay Limited ( is a privately held firm headquartered in London with offices in the USA and Australasia and clients and partners globally. SentryBay specializes in providing real-time security technologies for PC, Mobile, Cloud and IoT devices.

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