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SentryBay Appoints PhireServe as a Global Distributor

SentryBay announced today that it has appointed PhireServe to distribute its range of enterprise solutions to EMEA, North America and other key markets.

PhireServe will focus on distributing SentryBay’s enterprise products: the Armored Client for Citrix, the Armored Browser and the Data Protection Suite.

The Armored Client creates a separate desktop session using a one-time user, then scrambles keystrokes, prevents screenshots and denies malware access in order to protect the entry of login credentials into the Citrix Receiver. The protection operates throughout the Citrix session, securing data entry within all enterprise applications and web services. The dedicated session then leaves no trace when closed. The software can either be installed when Citrix is implemented or post deployment. 

The Armored Browser is used to securely wrap web applications (such as web-based corporate applications & online banking) and overcomes various high-risk security threats including keylogging, browser vulnerabilities, DNS poisoning and session hijacking. The Armored Browser launches a separate secure desktop using a one-time random user and a locked-down “armored” browser – within which the web application/service operates. No other software (including malware) is able to run within this browser session, and it also overcomes kernel-based malware threats.

These solutions create a super-secure environment for businesses wishing to protect sensitive desktop or web-based applications.

The Data Protection Suite hooks into the default web browser, automatically providing proactive anti-malware and anti-phishing protection while a user navigates the web. It is deployed by banks and e-commerce providers to protect their customers from online fraud and identity theft - and by enterprises to protect against data breaches. Once installed, it requires no configuration or change in user habits – it just provides military-level keylogging and phishing protection.

SentryBay CEO, Dave Waterson, says “We have been impressed with the PhireServe team both in terms of their security and technical expertise as well as their understanding the full potential of our solutions. We look forward to a long-lasting, beneficial relationship with PhireServe.”

PhireServe’s Director of Global Sales, Andy Irving, Says “We are extremely excited by SentryBay’s portfolio of next-generation cyber-security software solutions. The Armored client for Citrix is a real game changer and just the first of many use cases for this multi-patented technology stack. The roadmap is impressive and we are already on-boarding Citrix partners globally to take these solutions to their respective markets.”

About PhireServe

PhireServe is a  dedicated Cyber Security Software distribution partner for Cyber Security  Vendors, resellers, system integrators and service providers. Our current  solutions portfolio has evolved by Customer demand and Partners searching for a  trusted advisor to help them protect their data, customer information,  investments and brand reputation whilst dramatically reducing their cyber  risks.

PhireServe offers  Best of Breed cutting edge, Government Grade Cyber Security solutions through  our growing channels of proactive Value Added Resellers.

About SentryBay

SentryBay Limited ( is a privately held firm headquartered in London with offices in the USA and Australasia and clients and partners globally. SentryBay specializes in providing real-time security technologies for PC, Mobile, Cloud and IoT devices.

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