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OEM Anti-Phishing Feed Launched by SentryBay.

SentryBay, a real-time data security company, is pleased to announce an extension to its market leading PhishLock anti-phishing service to provide the solution as a feed to its OEM partners.

SentryBay’s PhishLock technology, which is patented to SentryBay, fingerprints corporate brands that are known targets of phishing attacks, training on the login pages of these sites as well as phishing sites. This enables the technology to immediately identify – in real time – when a user attempts to access a web page that is trying to emulate one of the brands that the technology has been trained on. The way the technology works it can pick up a phishing site the very first time any user running the software tries to access the fake site.

Taking the information from the millions of users globally using the PhishLock software and combining with a range of blacklists sourced in real time to round out its service, SentryBay can now provide live feeds of this information in a range of formats. In turn, this allows security scanning systems provided by existing anti-phishing, anti-malware, content filtering providers to “bolt-on” this technology to improve the quality and timeliness of their security services/feeds.

The technology operates in the cloud and can be easily integrated with an existing service without any discernible time-lag, and can be deployed in a number of formats to meet the needs of the service provider

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