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Banks and financial institutions gearing up with “secure browser”.

Online threats are relentlessly increasing in sophistication as criminals devise more and more innovative ways to steal individuals’ identities over the internet. Sensitive data such as bank login credentials, account numbers, credit card details etc are traded through criminal networks in an active underground market. Conventional protection mechanisms such as anti-virus software no longer provide sufficient protection that financial institutions and their customers require.

In order to combat these complex threats, banks and financial institutions are now looking to take more control over the user’s browsing experience when customers bank and conduct financial transactions online. This includes:

These mechanisms enable the customer to experience the most advanced security, protecting against threats such as key loggers, screen grabbing, phishing, and other complex threats designed to steal their identity and their money.

Today’s banking customers demand the highest security together with ease of use, whether they are conducting banking or e-commerce transactions on their PC, smart phone or tablet. By securing the browsing session, financial institutions are venturing far beyond simple anti-virus software or the traditional software or multifactor solutions designed to secure online banking.

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