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Armored Client debuts in Citrix Secure Remote Access Program

SentryBay announced today that its Armored Client solution has successfully completed verification as part of the Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program.

This program showcases partner products that integrate with Citrix products and add an extra layer of security to enhance secure remote access.

SentryBay has worked with Citrix Systems Inc. to deliver this solution within the App Security, Network Security and Data Security subsections of the Secure Remote Access Program, and is the only solution that meets the requirements of 3 separate categories of this program.

The Armored Client Solution addresses security challenges for secure remote connections to Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp environments using a unique combination of features - resulting in the following protection mechanisms:

In effect, the Armored Client securely “wraps” the Citrix Receiver session in a comprehensive coat of security features – without degradation of the user experience.

The Armored Client is integrated with Netscaler so usage can be enforced using perimeter controls and ICA files are encrypted and decrypted between the two solutions.

Support Issues are minimised as the solution is self-encapsulated – no need to manage a large number of browser and receiver versions – the Armored Client can also maintain the desired receiver version.

The user experience is seamless – launching the solution executes the Citrix session within the secure container and operations such as ICA/HDX channels function normally, without any impact on system performance.

Deployment is securely handled via the cloud and is scalable, with approved updates occurring silently for users.

A secure administration portal is also provided enabling client registration and license management, plus provides a comprehensive set of audit data that can be used for reporting or real-time controls.

The Armored Client enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively provide enterprise-grade security – with remote and unmanaged devices. Once deployed the system then provides simple auditing and controls to ensure the integrity of the connections and licensing control.

The Armored Client supports Windows 7 and above, with a Mac version launching early Q2 and mobile versions later in 2017.


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