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AOL launches Datamask for Mobile.

NEW YORK: AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL)announced today that it had launched Datamask for mobile – offering this unique customised solution free for download to its 3m premium AOL subscribers.

The Datamask mobile solution differs from the Datamask for PC solution (also developed by SentryBay) that has been successfully marketed for 2 years by AOL to its 3m Access members and also sold via the AOL Lifestore.

Datamask for Mobile (for Android and IOS) is a downloadable application for mobile and tablet. It includes a dedicated ‘secure browser’ featuring SentryBay’s proprietary PhishLock anti-phishing technology. Phishing continues to be a major threat to internet surfers – and is even more difficult to detect on a mobile device where the url is often shortened.

The solution also includes a customised version of SentryBay’s E-Vault including the ability to easily and securely upload photos and files to the cloud from any device - individually encrypted. This allows users to easily access any important files or photos from any device connected to the net – while browsing more safely on their mobile device. The software also includes dedicated access to other AOL resources.

Dave Waterson, CEO of SentryBay says “we are very pleased that our ongoing relationship with AOL has extended into mobile. Mobile security and the secure use of the cloud are rapidly evolving areas and this customised development creates a solution covering these aspects in a unique and useful manner. We look forward to continuing to work with AOL to meet their needs in mobile security.”

Further extensions to the product are planned to be announced in Q3, 2014.

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