Do I need anti-virus software if I am running the Data Protection Suite?

While you now do not need anti-virus to protect against sensitive data being stolen when you use the internet, anti-virus protects your PC from other threats in other areas of your system and has the ability to remove viruses. For this reason we recommend all users install anti-virus and keep it up-to-date.

Can I use the software on my Apple Mac?

No, they are only supported on Windows operating systems. If you have a Windows partition on your Mac then you can use the software but it is not supported under OSX operating systems.

How do I know what version of the software I am running?

Go to the Options tab by clicking on the Scrambler or the shield at the bottom right of your screen and you will see the version number at the bottom of the window.

How do I get updates for the software?

The software checks with the SentryBay server each day whether there is a new update for the software, or the phishing training files. If so, it downloads that update automatically in the background while you use your PC, just like anti-virus software.

Can I install on more than one PC?

If you have bought a personal version of the software online or from a retail shop you are allowed to install the software on 3 different computers within a household. If you have got the software from a partner you may only be able to install the software once, depending on the license provided.
If you want to get additional copies of the software then you can buy online from the SentryBay Store

How do I get additional licenses for the software?

If you want to deploy the software for a business or enterprise then contact

How do I renew my software?

Depending on how you got your software, you may need to renew your software. You will be prompted by the software to renew near the end of your license period – normally one year. Just click the renew button and this will automatically take you to the renewal page.
If your software has already expired but you wish to renew now, click here and your software will be reactivated the next time you reboot, without needing to install the software again.

What is a Phishing Site?

A Phishing site is a fake web site that pretends to be a legitimate site to try and trick you into entering personal details, usually relating to bank account details, usernames, passwords, credit card details, etc.

What happens if I go to a Phishing Site?

If you navigate to a Phishing site your browser will automatically display a warning page to prevent you entering your personal details. If you choose to you can ignore the warning and proceed to the site.

Which web sites are protected against Phishing?

There are a large number of sites (over 800) that you are automatically protected against, too many to list here which cover all the main categories of the web such as; Banking & Finance, Payment Processing, Auction sites, Utilities, Entertainment, Social Networking, etc. The list of protected sites is growing all the time and your software will automatically update itself with these new sites.

When I look at the Activity Report it does not show my personal data? How do I change this?

Go to the Options tab (accessed by clicking on the Scrambler or shield icon at bottom right of screen and choose the setting to give permission to share your security statistics.
Note only FireFox and Internet Explorer users can receive report data at this time.

I want to switch off my Activity Report or see it less frequently, how do I do this?

Go to the Options tab accessed by clicking on the Scrambler or the shield at bottom right of your screen and then choose what frequency to display the report – or choose never.

I am having issues using my web conference service or screen sharing software

While Data Protection Suite supports many such services, our screen capture protection can prevent screen sharing with some solutions. To disable this protection and allow the sharing of your screen, click on the scrambler (or double-click the shield icon bottom right of your desktop), then select the options tab. The Prevent Screen Capture option will have a green tick next to it, click on the green tick to change the option to a cross. This disables the protection. We recommend you restart this protection once you have completed your web conference or screen sharing activity.

I don't want to see the scrambler, can I turn it off?

Yes. To prevent the scrambler from showing within the browser, click on the scrambler (or double-click on the shield icon bottom right of your desktop), then select the options tab. The Display Keystroke Substitution option will have a green tick next to it, click on the green tick to change to a cross. This will disable the scrambler from displaying within your browser.

Within certain web pages/services I have some issues using my keyboard, can you help?

Some services prevent the Data Protection Suite key entry protection working optimally. Restarting your browser or rebooting your computer will generally resolve 99% of these issues

I have a problem with the software, can I get help?

Yes, if you are unable to answer your question from this FAQ then you can open a support request by contacting SentryBay Support.