Our Support process is dedicated to ensure users get the best from their software and stay protected

The following outlines the processes for answering any questions a user may have, and if necessary getting assistance.

Customers of SentryBay Partners.

Many SentryBay customers obtain their software from partners – enterprises, technology partners, resellers and identity protection service providers. If that is the case you should contact these partners directly for customer support. However, if your questions relate to the Data Protection Suite PC software then please feel free to check out the FAQ’s on this site to see if your questions can be answered. Similar resources are also available on our partners’ websites.

End User Support for direct SentryBay customers.

If you have purchased a consumer product directly from SentryBay, then we recommend you follow the process outlined below in order to best address your question or issue.

1/ Read our FAQ’s. These are specifically designed to answer common questions.

2/ Contact SentryBay Support. Complete the web form to register your issue with customer support. You will automatically receive a customer ticket number by email.

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