We support enterprises and their remote workers as they adapt to protect themselves in the constantly shifting threat landscape, allowing them to be resilient and productive whilst also being compliant with regulations.

Cyber attacks can happen at the very core of a system, inside containers, which are compromised through malicious applications that gain permission either through the container or the kernel. To combat this, our kernel level technology combines containers with injected security and anti-keylogging to safely wrap applications.

This makes us unique, which is why we are trusted by over five million remote access device users across multiple industries and continents.

SentryBay is at the forefront of digital transformation to the cloud. It enables the secure use of VDI, VPN, thin clients and SaaS applications which are designed to securely harness the cloud but suffer from security gaps. SentryBay can close these gaps because we secure the edge of the cloud.

How do we do this?

Our patented technology combines application containers with injected security and kernel level anti-key logging to safely wrap applications.  

We protect remote, BYOD and corporate endpoints so they can safely and securely connect with your corporate network.

Executive Team

Dave Waterson

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Marcus Whittington

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Jamie Box

Vice President, Global Sales
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Chris Bullas

Vice President, Product
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Chris Evans

Chief Revenue Officer
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Brent Agar

Vice President Business Development, North America
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David Sharples

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Andrew Beedham

Director and Legal Counsel
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