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Renewal Process

SentryBay has aimed to make the renewal process as simple as possible for all our customers and partner's customers. Towards the end of the license period you will be notified by the Data Protection Suite software that the license you have purchased is due to expire. You will be greeted with a dialogue box that looks similar to this:

License Expiring

You may choose from this point to renew your license even though there are several days remaining on the current one. Don’t worry we will take into account the days remaining and add these onto your new license. Should your license actually expire you will be greated with a dialogue box similar to this:

Expired License

Even though your license has expired it is still not too late to renew it by simply clicking on the link to renew your license. However, once your license has expired you will no longer be receiving the security benefits that SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite offers.

If you wish to to renew your license you can click here to go to the SentryBay renewal page.

Should you have any questions regarding your license renewal or SentryBay product then please see our support pages for more information.