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Internet-Based Attacks on Government Departments

The fake Federal Trade Commission phishing email in late 2007 (designed to download a Trojan and steal confidential information) was extremely effective. Key Logging Trojans installed at the Department of Transportation in September 2007 allowed hackers to remotely control department PC's. A number of other attacks have been noted in the press in the past two years, most involving key loggers, and many combining key logging with phishing or spear phishing emails.


Many government departments:

1:: Need to communicate with a large number of people on a regular basis;

2:: Collect and hold sensitive personal data; and

3:: Are responsible for large sums of money.
This makes them a prime target for identity thieves and cyber-criminals.

Because of this need for regular consistent communication and information gathering, utilizing the net helps standardize these communications and collect the data cost-efficiently.

SentryBay's EntryProtect prevents key logging of any key data entry fields utilized within a web-based application. This safeguards data entered by users from spyware.

If users are also susceptible to phishing scams (this is likely to be the case for most major e-government applications), then deploying EntryProtect together with SentryBay's PhishLock solution will ensure a user cannot inadvertently submit their personal data to a phishing site. This solution also immediately notifies the department/agency the first time any user loads the phishing site.

For further information, visit the EntryProtect or PhishLock product sections.