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SentryBay secures OEM agreement with Citrix

SentryBay is pleased to announce it has secured an OEM technology deal with Citrix, where Citrix will embed SentryBay’s EntryProtect anti-key logging and screen capture protections into the Citrix Workspace App. This will be offered to Citrix Workspace users across the Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.

SentryBay is a leader in endpoint security with mature, patent-protected technology in the anti-key logging and screen capture protection areas. This technology will guard Citrix users against growing cyber threats, silently in the background, while Citrix users are entering data.

The following is an excerpt from the Citrix announcement of this technology to its customers today:

“Citrix is proud to introduce its new app-protection technology. With this policy-controlled technology enabled, the authentication screen of the Citrix Workspace app will be protected from keylogging and screen capture. Any SaaS, web, Windows, or Linux application initiated from the Workspace app will be protected from keylogging and screen-capturing malware that could steal potentially sensitive data out of the organization.”

SentryBay CEO and founder Dave Waterson said: “The agreement we have signed with Citrix takes our technology out to an ever-widening audience – up to 100m users in the Citrix user-base alone. This deal signifies that our technology is best-in-market for addressing the latest, pertinent endpoint cyber threats. We are thrilled to partner with Citrix, a company with great history, solutions and track record, and we look forward to close, productive and innovative working relationship with the organisation”.


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