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SentryBay Announces Partnership with Check Point.

SentryBay have signed a partnership agreement with Check Point to provide its proprietary anti-phishing data feed to Check Point customers via Check Point’s ThreatCloud™ IntelliStore marketplace.

The partnership, launched in May 2015, augments Check Point’s anti-virus and antibot malware protection and associated cloud-based security monitoring services.

SentryBay’s phishing technology operates in real-time by analysing the tokens and images of web pages and comparing them to “fingerprints” of key web pages for enterprises targeted in phishing attacks. This allows SentryBay to pick up a phishing site from the second a protected customer attempts to load a phishing page. As phishing web pages only exist for a couple of hours on average – this real time approach is critical to provide immediate and accurate protection to enterprises and their users.

This phishing technology was granted a US patent in 2014. The feed provided to Check Point also augments this specialised technology with a variety of blacklists which are also updated in real time.

SentryBay COO Marcus Whittington says: “We are thrilled to be working with Check Point, who we see as a leader in cloud security solutions globally. Our unique blend of technologies, including token comparison and training of key corporate brands provides a unique point of difference against phishing feeds available elsewhere. We look forward to working with Check Point and rolling this technology out to Check Point’s extensive enterprise customer base internationally. “

ThreatCloud IntelliStore is a unique threat intelligence marketplace that enables organizations to select intelligence feeds that will automatically prevent cyberattacks. This new offering builds on Check Point’s core security

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